Let’s eat food to create beautiful teeth

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Besides the face shape, another thing that shines alongside a colorful face is the teeth. Which if we have good dental health, it will make us look good as well, including personalization With probably no young face. Who wants to see the smile of the girls Comes out with yellow teeth stains or cavities and teeth? Therefore, we have brought together a healthy and beautiful teeth pair menu.

1. Even green tea is still a non-trendy drink. But if you drink it, it is best to choose sugar-free, because green tea contains chemicals that kill bacteria in the mouth and remove tartar and help reduce bad breath in the body.

2. Celery is a food that has a pungent smell. But it is rich in many benefits for our teeth by helping to prevent tooth decay in two ways: accelerating the body to produce more saliva to help reduce bacteria. The oral cavity and its crispness also massage the gums while reducing inflammation and cleaning the dental cavity as well.

3. Of course, cheese is the enemy of weight loss. But don’t know if they have the same benefit as cheese helps speed up saliva production, helping to prevent tooth decay. In high-calcium cheeses, they are also rich in phosphates that help build the pH of the mouth and tooth enamel ทางเข้า ufabet.

4. Almost everyone knows very well that vitamin C has properties for treating scurvy. And kiwi is considered to be another great tooth pair because it contains the most vitamin C.

5. Onions are another great toothpaste dish because they help kill bacteria in your mouth, especially eating fresh onions. Although eating onions will have bad breath, but if we try it along with parsley, it will help reduce the unpleasant smell.

6. Sesame is another popular ingredient that is popular for cooking or mixing with drinks, it is equally delicious. The sesame seeds are rich in calcium that will help keep our teeth strong.

7. Drinking water is another secret because not only helps quench your thirst, it also helps to moisturize your mouth and cleanse the bacteria in your mouth. It also accelerates the body to produce saliva to stop bad breath as well.

8. For those of you who like to eat Japanese food, you will certainly not forget wasabi. Although it has a pungent smell in the nose, its properties are not digested, helping to inhibit the accumulation of bacteria.

9. Many dishes often contain mint. Which in addition to giving a pleasant smell, it also helps reduce bad breath as well It also contains Monoterpenes that will seep into the bloodstream to help the lungs produce more air.

10. Shiitake mushrooms may not be very familiar and familiar with the face of our home. But research has shown that it contains Lentinan, which prevents bacteria from building up tartar in our teeth.