6 “beauty items” make your beautiful

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beauty items, today’s technology is considered very advanced. Not even in the beauty industry, there are often strange and innovative (but practical) items that women are always looking for to play. Importantly, these items also help the girls. Can be beautiful without any pain and surgery.  Let’s see the beauty items

1. Tapered face stickers

It is gaining immense popularity among girls who love makeup and beauty for Korean slender face stickers. As for how to use it, it’s ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com very easy. It’s like a normal plaster paste. But this sticker will help pull and adjust the shape of our face to make it look slimmer. Just peel the sticker on the face, paste it from the cheek puff area. Then pull the other end up until you have a satisfied face shape and paste it on Then you can apply makeup over it as usual.

2. Super flour

It is technology from China. That will help make the bridge of the girls’ nose rise in the blink of an eye Plus you don’t have to add silicone to hurt yourself. This type of powder is a special light-colored powder with high elasticity. We just have to mold. And arrange it into a shape according to the shape of the nose Then it is attached to the bridge of our nose. A little extra makeup Will have a beautiful high bridge that satisfies And you don’t have to worry about it going off during the day. Because this special powder will definitely stick to it all day long

To make extra flour: mix the flour with Vaseline in a 1: 4 ratio, then knead the two ingredients together. Until it is lumpy When the ingredients hold, mix the foundation. Just as this will have extra powder and then that.

3. Eyebrow filling ge

The item that women with thin eyebrows should have is eyebrow filler gel. It is a cosmetic from Japan. The nature of the gel will be Transparent glue containing synthetic fibers like real eyebrows. Waterproof and sweat-proof, won’t come off easily, comes in a gel jar with a brush head. To easily fill in the gaps of the eyebrows that have been cleft How to use is not difficult, just draw a normal eyebrow outline. Then use a brush dipped in the gel to fill the eyebrows. And apply it to the area where the eyebrow is cleft Then arrange the eyebrows to line up beautifully This is all done.

4. Hair Shadow 

It is a closed, pinning, or covering this bald head item. It is the most advanced beauty item from Dan Kimchi. To help fill the girls’ hair That the hairline is thin until it looks bald to make it look thicker And blend in with the hair color and help create a clearer and more dimensional face contour Just use a light puff. On the color of the shadow Then touch the hairline and forehead area to fill the hairline Just like this, the problem with thin hair or little hair will be gone.

5. Sunscreen spray, white skin spray

Instantly became a trend After a clip of a Chinese girl making up Then use a kind of cosmetic to spray it on the skin and immediately white skin, which is a sunscreen spray that spray white skin. In Thailand, it is also available. This sunscreen has properties to protect the skin from the sun. And adjust the skin to be whiter 1 level, how to use is not difficult Just spray it on the skin and spread it evenly. Just this will get a clearer skin anyway. But secretly whispered that the dark-skinned girls had no rights Because it will make the body gray

6. Tapered leg stockings, beauty items

Another popular item from Korea. For stockings, slim legs. That will make your legs look slimmer in the blink of an eye without having to go into liposuction to hurt yourself. There are 3 colors to choose from: black, cream and transparent. Features of stockings that are slender legs Can reduce the circumference of the legs up to 4 centimeters while wearing. And also helps to tighten the body Including making the legs look smooth and natural More importantly, the stockings are durable and hard to tear, too.