Roma overtake Ludogorets 3-1 to take second

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Roma overcame Ludogorets 3-1 in their Europa League Group C final, a game in which VAR was heavily involved.

At the Estadio Olimpico, it was the second-place contention in Group C between the Wolves of Rome. Open a duel with Ludogorets

Roma, wanting to win, tried to push the away ufabet team, but the last moment did not pass the ball out of the box and blocked the opposing defense line.

Turns out Ludogorets got water over 41 minutes. Brazilian midfielder Cauli had the opportunity to pull the trigger, but the ball hit the post unfortunately.

But a minute later, the visiting team from Bulgaria took the lead 1-0. This was the ability of Rick, the Samba offensive line dragge himself apart before pressing with the right full ball into the left hand corner cleanly.

In the second half, Giallorossi was award a penalty. Nicolo Zaniolo was foule by Cicinho, before Lorenzo Pellegrini took the lead in a 1-1 draw. 

The hosts got a penalty again in the 63rd minute, Nicolo Zaniolo fell to Olivier Verdon, crashing down. In which the visiting team protested largely, but ineffective, Lorenzo Pellegrini kill again, not missing to give the team a 2-1 lead. 

Yet, in the 77th minute, Ludogorets equalized 2-2. Matias Tissera shot a block into the gun, Nonato, the reserve, left through Rui Patricio, plugged in the net.

However, problems follow because Roma tried to sue for a foul that occur in the middle of the field due to the goals scored by the visiting team. Which the referee went to see the VAR screen next to the field before taking the goal back. Because Rick took his hand to hit Ibanez so hard

Became the host to lead 3-1 in the 85th minute. Nicolo Zaniolo dragged himself apart before falling off a single shot through the goalkeeper.

The visiting team were left with 10 people in the 90th minute. When Olivier Verdong pulle Salevski free-kick strokes before stepping on fully. The referee went to look at VAR and returned to kick the Benin defender off the pitch.

The game ended with Roma defeating Ludogorets 3-1, finishing second in the group and going into the play-off round against teams dropped from the Champions League.