“Mourinho” is satisfied with the final – prepares to face hard work in the play-off round

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Roma coach Jose Mourinho is pleased with qualifying for the Europa League play-offs and is now preparing for the next tough round.

Wolves defeated Ludogorets 3-1 in their Europa League Group C final on Thursday, taking second-placed Giallo Rossi through to the play-offs. Which is waiting to meet the team that has fallen from the Champions League stage Mourinho

“It was a difficult game. They know how to play and have creative players with speed. Not an easy team In the second half we risked everything,” said the Portuguese.

“We play with different perspectives. Zaniolo’s special raid, save us. We have to play better. We have to manage it better. The teams in the play-off round are at a higher level. The important thing is that we can manage this group. It is pride But now the hard work awaits.

“To stay in the Europa League is an important matter of pride. Because it’s the show that we start, going to the Conference League right now is not the goal ufabet. We know the hard work is coming in the playoffs. And we know we don’t have a good team like last year.

“We were tired, Pellegrini and Smalling played 90 minutes, resting and getting knocked out didn’t help. To recover from fatigue, you have to have fun. Let’s go home happy.”