Emerson believes Arsenal are satisfied with one point invasion away to Singha

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson believes his former club will be please with the draw in their Premier League clash with Chelsea on Sunday.

         The Gunners have maintained their lead at the top of the table despite some hiccups in European football. The club will face the London derby with Chelsea this weekend. With Merson’s view that Mikel Arteta’s side will be satisfied with the draw.

         “This is a big game for both ufabet teams for different reasons,” Merson wrote in a column for Sportskida. If Arsenal win they will lead Chelsea by 13 points. Look at the reality – Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea did not talk about winning the Premier League. The championship for them is over. And they are looking at finishing in the top four.”

         “If Arsenal win this game, they have to lose five games for Chelsea to catch up and Chelsea to win them all. This is a big game for Arsenal, they have to avoid defeat. They have to make sure not to be the superior team but not to win.”

          “If Arsenal don’t lose this game, you expect them to go on to compete for the Premier League for a long time. I’m not sure who will play for Chelsea this week, we all know how they will play and why they are at the top of the Premier League table.”

         “Right now Arsenal are flying in the Premier League and they don’t want a World Cup break. They are doing well and they are doing great against Forest.”

         “I think the game will end in a 1-1 draw, which is a good result for Arsenal.”